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Founded by Larry and Steve Seiferling in 2017, Seiferling Law’s lawyers have over sixty years of combined labour and employment expertise in Saskatchewan. We provide advice to management on union issues and labour relations, as well as providing legal services for human rights, occupational health and safety, construction labour law, and employee relations issues. We assist in collective bargaining, handle arbitrations, and will work with your human resources personnel to help with your practices and policies for your workplace. 




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Areas of Practice

Labour LAW

Labour law, or management-union relations, and the application of the Saskatchewan Employment Act, form the cornerstone of our practice. We have been acting for businesses in Saskatchewan for years, and can provide advice on all aspects of the union-management relationship.


Human Rights is an important area for labour and employment practitioners. We work with employers in dealing with human rights complaints, drafting policies for ensuring safe workplaces, and dealing with the complex world of drug and alcohol addiction and use that affects the workplace. 

Occupational Health and Safety

We assist employers in dealing with all occupational health and safety matters, from harassment investigations and claims, to safety issues, through to refusal of dangerous work. 

COnStruction Industry Labour Law

Construction industry labour law presents unique challenges to businesses operating within the construction industry. Because certification in building trades can happen by trade, and alternate methods of operating can change the labour model, it's important to know your options, and set up your business when you begin operations in Saskatchewan, to be able to operate in the most profitable fashion, working with the owners of the project. We can help you set up your business in the best method to be competitive for all types of work in construction.

COllective Bargaining

We work with businesses on all areas of collective bargaining, from review and drafting of collective agreements, to strategy, to actual participation in bargaining (as a lead negotiator, at the table, or behind the scenes).

Drugs and Alcohol

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, the use of medicinal marijuana, the use of alcohol, and the abuse of prescription and non-prescription drugs, drug and alcohol issues are a central focus for many workplaces in Saskatchewan. We assist with advice, policies, and all aspects of drugs and alcohol in safety sensitive and non-sensitive workplaces.

Employment Law

We work with businesses of all types, from small self-run shops or businesses, to complex multi-jurisdictional companies. We can provide advice on the whole employment relationship, from making an offer, to hiring, to managing employees, all the way through to termination or retirement. 

We also have experience helping employees who have been unfairly treated by their employer to achieve the best possible settlement of their case.

Creative Industries Labour Law

Like the construction industry, the film and television industry operates differently than other areas of labour law, in that certification tends to happen by project, rather than by company. We can assist production and creative companies in dealing with the many unions that they may encounter when working in the creative industries.